Elevate Your Mastery with Pro Insights

Introducing the Divino Mastership, a level slightly before excellence. An avenue where you delve deeper into the connection between Lip Unit + Face lower third proportion. The realm of closing your expertise, refining your craft and widening your vision.

Journey Entails

One Intensive Day. Up to Three Transformative Experiences:

  • Focus on proportion. LIPs and FACE LOWER THIRD. You will refine your ability to close your patient outcome with a global vision of elegance and perfection. Embark on a comprehensive day of training, working on up to three distinct patients.
  • Exclusivity at its Best: Limited to only 6 attendees per mastership, ensuring a close-knit, intensive, and personalized learning environment.
  • Review Feedback: With a dedicated follow-up of up to 20 jobs reviews, we ensure that you continually refine, learn, and grow, mastering each nuance of the technique.
  • DIVINO Certificate: Upon completion the hands-on training and the satisfactory reviewed jobs, the crowning achievement awaits: the prestigious “DIVINO” certification.
  • Reward Program: By posting content with La Vision’s logo, using specific hashtags and mentioning our IG profile, you could earn back up to €1000.

Why Choose our Mastership

Triple the Experience in a Day

Nothing matches the insight gained from hands-on training. And with three distinct cases in a day, your learning curve just got steeper.

Lips and Face Lower Third.

Refine your ability to close your patient outcome with a global vision of elegance and perfection

Future-Proof Your Expertise

While techniques may vary, the fundamentals of the La Vision method remain timeless. Investing in "Artist Pro" is an investment in a method that will forever be at the forefront of lip aesthetics. You aren’t just learning; you're aligning with a future-proofed legacy.

The Hidden Costs of Other Courses

Venturing into multiple courses may seem tempting, but the collective cost, both in time and money, often outweighs the benefits. More so, when what you gain is merely transient techniques and not an everlasting method. With "Artist Pro", you consolidate your learning, ensuring every euro spent translates to enduring mastery

A Milestone in Your Career Journey

Consider this course as the pivotal moment when you transition from being a practitioner to a maestro. The skills, expertise, and confidence you gain here will become the cornerstones of your illustrious career.

Beyond Monetary Returns

While the potential to earn back is lucrative, the true wealth lies in the unparalleled skill set you acquire. The reverence, recognition, and opportunities that follow are beyond any tangible measure.

Start Your Journey

Invest in Your Future

The Divino Mastership is a strategic move towards a shining future in aesthetic medicine. It goes beyond techniques, it isn’t just about honing unparalleled skills; it’s also about making your investment work doubly hard for you.

Price: from €2315 + VAT

More info:

Your passion for learning and growth deserves recognition. As an esteemed alumnus of the “DIVINO Mastership”, you are entitled to exclusive discounts on any future courses we introduce. Expand your repertoire, delve into newer realms of aesthetics, and do so at a preferential pricing.

Your commitment to excellence is rewarded with exclusive first access and discounts on our newest courses and techniques.

The La Vision community isn’t just a network; it’s a growing family. Engage, interact, and collaborate with professionals and experts, sharing and gaining insights that amplify your skills and knowledge.