The Pinnacle of Aesthetics

At the zenith of aesthetic mastery lies the ‘Master Injector‘ course. It’s not just a course; it’s a testament to the perseverance, expertise, and distinction you’ve achieved over the years. Tailored exclusively for those who’ve traversed the entire La Vision journey, this course is your crowning glory.

  • Free Entry, but Priceless Value: While the course has no price tag, gaining entry is a badge of honor reserved for those who’ve demonstrated exceptional skill and commitment.
  • Triple-tiered Testing: Delve deep into a rigorous day of assessment covering theory, practical injections, and educational skills.
  • Ascend to Trainer Status: Successfully navigating the challenges of this course not only offers personal validation but also opens the gateway to becoming a revered trainer at the La Vision Training Institute.

Eligibility & Pre-requisites

  • Foundation First: Only those who’ve successfully completed the whole “La Vision Felloship” Masterships.
  • Extensive Experience: A proven track record with over 500 reviewed lip treatments.
  • Time-Tested: A minimum of 3 years of dedicated experience in the aesthetic field.

Masterclass Structure

  • Theoretical Examination: A rigorous assessment of the La Vision algorithmic method, ensuring a thorough understanding and its application.
  • Live Injection Test: Demonstrate proficiency, precision, and artistry in a real-time setting, under the watchful eyes of the La Vision experts.
  • Educational Skills Assessment: As potential future trainers, your ability to impart knowledge, guide budding injectors, and elucidate complex concepts will be tested

your Career

A Mark of Mastery

Beyond a certificate, this course solidifies your status as a pinnacle practitioner in lip aesthetics.

Open New Avenues

As a La Vision trainer, you'll be equipped to mentor, guide, and shape the future of countless aesthetic professionals.

Lifetime Learning

Continuous access to updates, emerging techniques, and tools, ensuring you always remain at the forefront of the aesthetic world.

We Hope you to become one of our trainers!