The Zenith of Aesthetic Mentorship

Embark on a transformative journey with the Visionary Mastership, designed to equip you with the specialized skills to address some of the most challenging aesthetic disorders. While many can sculpt beauty, few possess the expertise to correct intricate issues such as the unaesthetic smile and facial paralysis.

Journey Entails

Advanced Mastery in Aesthetics: Diving into the intricate realms of  smile corrections, facial paralysis and advanced usage of BTX on Face Lower Third. This masterclass offers a deep dive beyond conventional techniques.

  • Redefining Smile Perfection: Addressing asymmetric smile with BTX and in combination with HA Filler, isn’t just about technique; it’s about understanding the profound impact on an individual’s self-esteem.
  • One Day intense Hands-on Training: Attendees personally perform live injection treatments on patients, with each participant working with up to two distinct patients.
  • Holistic Approach to Facial Paralysis: By delving into the multifaceted nuances of facial paralysis, attendees are positioned to not only treat but to restore balance, symmetry, and confidence to their patients.
  • Holistic Approach to Face Lower Third: using BTX on Lower third is a non common skill. It’s about honing the precision and artistry to tackle the most challenging of aesthetic concerns with finesse.
  • Follow-Up Reviews: After the hands-on session, attendees have to upload up to 30 jobs for a comprehensive review. Dr. Armenti himself will provide invaluable feedback on each case.
  • Crowning Achievement: Attaining the esteemed title of VISIONARY isn’t just about recognition; it’s a testament to one’s unwavering commitment to excellence. This course elevates participants to a pantheon of elite practitioners whose capabilities define the cutting edge of aesthetic treatments.
  • Reward Program: By posting content with La Vision’s logo, using specific hashtags and mentioning our IG profile, you could earn points up to €1000

Why Choose our Mastership

Unparalleled Mentorship with Dr. Armenti

The Visionary Masterclass isn’t just another instructional phase; it's an immersion into the apex of aesthetic wisdom. Train directly under the tutelage of Dr. Armenti, the visionary genius behind La Vision. This is more than a class—it’s a transformative journey to mastery with an industry luminary. Stand shoulder to shoulder with greatness and let his insights shape your destiny in aesthetic medicine.

Tackling Aesthetic Complexities

Addressing challenges like gummy smiles and facial paralysis requires an astute practitioner. This mastership not only equips you with the skills to correct them but also transforms you into a beacon of hope for patients with these concerns. By the end, you're not just qualified; you're a beacon of transformative expertise in aesthetic treatments.

Endless Journey of Advancement

Your initiation into the Visionary Masterclass is just the beginning of a lifelong affiliation with La Vision. Relish continuous access to innovative techniques, groundbreaking tools, and future course perks. Moreover, as a Visionary, opportunities will emerge to recoup course costs by being an active, influential force within our expanding community.

Holistic Mastery Beyond Techniques

This isn’t a course; it's an odyssey of understanding, from the roots of facial concerns to the apex of treatment mastery. We address not just the 'how' but the 'why', ensuring you’re armed with comprehensive knowledge, empathy, and surgical precision in treatments.

Dive into an Elite Circle

As a Visionary, you're not just a professional; you’re part of an elite. Join our dedicated app space, and immerse in a thriving ecosystem of premier professionals. Engage, share, and evolve in real-time, bolstering your prowess with each interaction.

Incalculable Returns on Investment

The 3500 euros entrusted now will swiftly manifest as the best financial decision of your career. Given the intricate expertise you'll wield post-certification, you could easily recoup this investment within a single day of intricate procedures. And as a Visionary, your portfolio isn’t just elevated; it's iconic.

Start Your Journey

Invest in Your Future

The Visionary Mastership isn’t just another milestone in aesthetic medicine. It represents the culmination of a holistic understanding of facial aesthetics. This course stands as a testament to the transformation of an aesthetic professional into a true visionary.

Price: From €3750 + VAT

More info:

The world of aesthetics is replete with common treatments, but true masters who can correct gummy smiles, asymmetric expressions, and facial paralysis are rare. Post this masterclass, you’ll not only be among these rarities but also lead the pack. Become the definitive answer to some of the most challenging aesthetic concerns.

This isn’t about short-term profits. It’s about long-term legacy. With the Visionary Masterclass, you’re not just enriching your skillset but also aligning with a movement that redefines aesthetics. Along with knowledge, gain unparalleled stature, a supportive elite network, and a certification that’s more than a credential—it’s a testament to your commitment to mastery