Dr. Alessandra Labarile


Dr. Alessandra Labarile is a renowned dental practitioner specialized in aesthetic medicine, with a profound commitment to the psycho-physical well-being of her patients. Demonstrating meticulous care in facial aesthetic medicine, she ensures remarkably natural results while fully respecting facial proportions.

After completing her Master’s degree in Dentistry at the University of Parma, she honed her skills by attending the prestigious European Master’s Degree program in Facial Aesthetic Medicine at the esteemed Icamp school, followed by further specialization with a Master’s degree in Medicine and Aesthetic Therapies of the Face at the University of Camerino.

Her dedication to excellence is evident through active participation in numerous national and international congresses on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, where she shares her latest insights and discoveries. Additionally, she conducts private masterclasses to impart her advanced techniques to colleagues, with a focus on lip filler procedures. Dr. Labarile is a respected and sought-after professional in her field, recognized for her expertise, dedication, and unique artistic touch.